Thomas English Muffin Toasting Bread

Thomas English Muffin Toasting Bread – If you’re like us, you want something tasty, quick and simple to maximize your time enjoying the outdoors.

Thomas’ English muffins are the perfect fuel for your outdoor adventure (rain or shine) in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re sharing our favorite English muffin breakfasts here!

Thomas English Muffin Toasting Bread

Thomas English Muffin Toasting Bread

Really, can breakfast get any simpler than this? This trio of butter, jam and English muffin is perfect for mornings on the go. With the nooks and crannies of Thomas’ English Muffins as a base, you can pack a ton of flavor into a simple, handheld bite.

Golden Spoon Winner Named For English Muffin Bread Recipe

For a little more personality, go for a local jam! You can get a jar at your neighborhood farmers market, or in the local section of your grocery store. For us we chose Huckleberry Jam because that’s what grows in the mountains around the Pacific Northwest!

This fancy-looking English Muffin breakfast recipe actually only takes four ingredients, and there’s no cooking involved! Salmon, cream cheese and capers feel like a little nod to the Pacific Northwest, with fresh ingredients and bold flavors for a perfect morning by the lake.

For easy assembly and cleanup, pack all the ingredients in a basket with coffee, a bowl and a knife. Open a Thomas’ English muffin with your hands, then spread on the cream cheese for your preferred topping. Top it off with a few pieces of pre-sliced ​​fresh salmon, and sprinkle some capers on top for a fresh and delicious camping morning.

Can anything beat this classic English muffin breakfast recipe? The breakfast sandwich has been around for a while, but it seems to taste better when cooked around a campfire! First start by cooking the bacon and remove it to a pan when it is ready. Then cook the eggs right in the bacon fat (unhealthy, we know – but delicious!) and remove them once cooked to your liking.

Thomas’ Light Multi Grain English Muffins

Finally, and for more crunch, place your Thomas English muffin on the cast iron pan, and watch the cheese melt into all the corners of the bread. Put it together when all the pieces are ready, and enjoy!

Cooking tip: Sit back and enjoy the fire until the flames burn down to coals. In this way, you can stay safer when you put the pan on your fire grill, and you can also control the temperature a little more. Better yet, wear a pair of fireproof gloves when handling the cast iron pan!

Nothing beats the simple and delicious combination of peanut butter and banana. It’s an ideal breakfast that’s sweet, filling and energizing all in one! Since all these ingredients are easy to pack, there’s no need to make it ahead of time (unless you have a reusable container, go for it!).

Thomas English Muffin Toasting Bread

You can easily take it on your next walk, and make your snack in no time! We especially love packing this simple breakfast on the Washington hiking trails at sunrise!

Thomas’ Original English Muffin Toasting Bread, 16 Oz

This simple and easy English muffin breakfast recipe will keep you full all morning. The healthy fats in avocados release lasting energy throughout the morning, all served on a delicious English muffin!

Start by cutting an avocado in half, and spoon into a bowl. Press it together with salt and pepper, and take a knife and spread it on the English muffin. For an extra crunch, crumble the Thomas English muffin with your hands, toast the bread over the fire, or add extra toppings like sriracha or bagel seasoning for added flavor!

We hope that these ideas with Thomas’ English muffins can inspire you to try making your own with all the deliciousness in each one! Thanks for reading, and share your own recipes in the comments below!Thomas’ Maple French Toast English Muffins are back! As this is one of our all-time favorite products, you’ll find our review below – written by Junk Banter alumnus Drunk Female.

Well, after an all too brief hiatus, I’m back with more friggin English muffins. It’s not who I am

English Muffins Recipe

I generally tend to enjoy the experience, but the specialty flavors have been pretty underwhelming so far. I’m approaching this with optimism, though: enter Thomas’ Maple French Toast English Muffins!

In the store I could literally smell these in the bread aisle. I feel like the English version of a bloodhound muffin. No joke, they smell

. Look, it’s your standard English muffin. There are no pieces of fruit like in the apple version, or a darker color like the pumpkin spice version. But holy Toledo, that maple scent! You can easily replace all the candles in your house with these muffins. (Note to self: I immediately patented an ‘edible candle’ idea.)

Thomas English Muffin Toasting Bread

Thomas’ Maple French Toast English Muffins definitely pass the smell test, but what about the taste? I went traditional for the first round, aka a shit ton of butter. She was

Better Baking Academy: Classic English Muffins

. I don’t know how they did it, but the maple flavor is so perfect. I wanted to smoke a cigarette and say “Heavens to Betsy” and myself as a 20’s whore. I

A little lost on the “french toast” part, though. There is no cinnamon or vanilla or any flavor other than that sweet sexy maple. However, it is a small problem. This tastes like a very tasty treat, but somehow there is only 5g of sugar in one muffin. This is a great way to get your sweet fix in the morning. At least, it’s better than my current daily breakfast of oatmeal and two Snickers Santas.

As fun as this first muffin was, I couldn’t help but dream bigger. The maple flavor is reminiscent of the best breakfast of all time: the McGriddle. I can’t imagine anyone who reads a junk food blog isn’t familiar with this pinnacle of breakfast perfection, but just in case, a McGriddle is bacon, eggs and cheese served on mini pancakes flavored with maple tree It’s about 9,600 calories and, without a doubt, the most satisfying and efficient way to shave years off your life. I decided I owed it to my arteries, and the world, to see if I could recreate a “healthy” (lol) McGriddle at home.

Since Ron Swanson is my spirit animal, I had all the bacon and eggs I needed. I made a quick run to the store for some cheese slices, and then the experiment began. Guys, it was Thomas Original English Muffins (18 Pk.) (pack Of 2)

. I can even dare to say that I liked it better than McGriddle, because the English muffin is a lighter and more structured sandwich than those dense mini pancakes. It’s been hours since I ate and all I want is another dozen, in my belly, right now.

Thomas’ Maple French Toast English Muffins are deliriously delicious. They also lend themselves to a crazy amount of customization: butter, flavored cheese, and the newly invented Mc above. For the love of all things maple and breakfast oriented, go sniff a pack of these immediately.

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Thomas English Muffin Toasting Bread

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