King Arthur Flour Sourdough Recipe

King Arthur Flour Sourdough Recipe – Love sourdough but looking for a little more flexibility and ease when baking with appetizers? In The Casual Sourdough Baker, PJ shows you how wonderful and stress-free sourdough baking can be, from simple breads with rich flavor to countless easy ways to use up your leftovers. If you’re just starting out, our sourdough baking guide provides the basics you need to succeed – whether you’re serious or casual!

Thanks to the pandemic, I’ve learned to love sourdough baking over the past year. Never a big fan of sourdough’s strange nature (and the rules we humans try to tame it), the sight of commercial yeast shortages forced me out of my comfort zone – for which I am eternally grateful.

King Arthur Flour Sourdough Recipe

King Arthur Flour Sourdough Recipe

These days, when I get fond of sourdough, I reach for my jar of starter as often as my container of instant yeast. Have I suddenly embraced the complex world of DDT sourdough (desired dough temperature), carefully calibrated feeding, and Instagram contests for the prettiest loaf?

Do Nothing Sourdough Bread

Not at all. I actually went in the opposite direction. I eat my starter when I think about it. I don’t care about keeping track of how long it takes to double. In fact, I very rarely use “ripe” (freshly fed) starter at all: I usually just take my can of starter out of the fridge, take what I need, replace what I took with equal parts flour and water, and I’m on my way. Despite this rather cavalier demeanor, my recipes thrive and my starter thrives.

The first yeast bread I ever baked was English Muffin Bread and I love it to this day. The soft dough for this easy white bread dough only requires a minute or so of quick whipping in my stand mixer. I put it in a loaf tin, let it rise, bake and enjoy. No kneading; no design; no problem!

So here’s the question: Is it possible to combine the lightness and simplicity of sourdough bread with the properties of sourdough to make a delicious, naturally leavened sandwich loaf?

With a nod to our no-knead sourdough bread and Pain de Campagne recipe that gave me a few “Ah-ha!” technique, I settled on the following process to make what has become my everyday loaf: Easy Everyday Sourdough Bread.

Artisan Sourdough Bread Recipe (start To Finish Video)

This loaf takes “easy” to new heights. Once you’ve mixed the dough, it’s just like any bread dough: no kneading, no folding, no shaping, and no thinking—just a few rises to room temperature and 45 minutes in the oven. the result? A beautifully moist, chewy loaf perfect for both sandwiches and toast.

The following information is more of a method than a recipe (although you can find the full recipe now added to our website). I want you to use my experiments and experiences to develop your favorite bread: a reliably delicious loaf that you and your family can enjoy every day.

When looking at pans for this bread, tall and narrow are the way to go. Our 9 x 4 x 4 inch pan (aka “gluten-free loaf pan” or small pain de mie) with its tall, flat sides provides the support this very soft dough needs as it rises and bakes. Unlike a regular pan, which cooks shorter loaves with a mushroom cap-shaped top, the loaves from this pan will be nicely shaped, with a softly rounded top.

King Arthur Flour Sourdough Recipe

Using a 9” x 5” pan with my favorite “everyday” bread recipe results in a loaf that rises unevenly and splits on the sides due to lack of support.

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I use my 9″ x 4″ x 4″ pan for every bread I bake these days, from whole wheat banana bread to my weekly sourdough. I no longer worry if a recipe calls for a quick bread pan (9″ x 5″) . or a standard loaf (8 1/2″ x 4 1/2″); the taller 9″ x 4″ pan fits seamlessly in both rows. Honestly, if you’re only going to go through life with one loaf pan, the 9″ x 4″ is your best choice.

If you want to be a consistently successful bread baker, you want to weigh your ingredients. Why? Because measuring flour with a measuring cup is terribly inaccurate. If you’re quite heavy-handed, you can add up to an extra cup of flour to the loaf: the result is dry, flat and crumbly bread. But measure with a scale and your amount of flour will be perfect every time, resulting in bread that rises nicely, has a nice texture and stays well at room temperature.

If you don’t have a scale, I’ll give you some approximate volume measurements. But please, jump on the bandwagon when you can; once you start weighing your baking ingredients, you’ll never look back.

This is my current favorite combination of ingredients. You will notice that there is no oil or other fats, commercial yeast and additives. But even so, this dough turns out to be a bread with an unexpectedly bold, complex flavor.

How To Make Your Own Sourdough Starter

*If you prefer to start with plain white sourdough bread, replace the suggested whole wheat and rye flour with an extra cup of bread flour.

Take out your sourdough starter. It doesn’t need to be re-fed, but it also shouldn’t die by crawling in the back of the fridge for months on end. The more recently your starter has been fed, the faster your dough will rise; the time frame I will go over here is based on the starter food for the last 14 days.

This is my cold starter about a week after the last feed. I won’t feed it or heat it, but I will mix the frothy liquid and bubbles on top before measuring.

King Arthur Flour Sourdough Recipe

If your starter has been neglected and is covered in dark liquid (or even wrinkled skin), stir it and give it a few good feedings before using it in this bread. Since we don’t use any commercial yeast, the starter has to do all the heavy lifting: give it some love before you start.

Artisan Sourdough Bread Tips, Part 3

Add your starter to the bowl of flour. I find that an even scoop of muffin starter (about 60g, 1/4 cup) is just the right amount.

Mix with water. What temperature? It doesn’t really matter, even if you want to avoid extremes: nothing freezing cold or hot. Cold to lukewarm tap water is fine. Note that warmer water will shorten your ascent slightly, while colder water will make it longer.

Once the sticky dough comes together and there are no floury spots, switch to the bowl scraper and give the dough a few quick turns and mix until everything is completely combined.

Full disclosure: I do not actually mix this dough by hand. I throw all the ingredients into a stand mixer and blend on medium to low speed for 45 seconds. That’s all; Done.

How To Substitute Bread Flour For All Purpose Flour

Use a dish scraper to scrape any sticky dough from the sides of the dish to the center. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, a reusable lid, or something else that will keep the dough from drying out; avoid porous kitchen towels.

Let the dough rise until doubled, however long it takes; the fermentation time depends on the strength of your starter, the temperature in the house and the flour mixture you used.

At home, I let my partial whole wheat dough rise for about 15 to 16 hours in a slightly cool place, about 65°F. That means I make the dough at 4 p.m. one day and at 8:00 a.m. the next day it is ready to be transferred to the loaf tin.

King Arthur Flour Sourdough Recipe

Minor deviations may occur within this time frame. In summer, due to the warmer weather, the ascent takes about 12 hours. And if you make an all-white (no whole grain) version of the bread, the dough may take a little longer to rise; whole grains provide extra food for the wild yeast in your starter and encourage it to grow faster.

Soft Crust Sourdough Sandwich Bread (no Knead)

When the dough has risen enough, prepare the pan by spraying it with non-stick spray. I also like to coat the inside of the pan with sesame seeds, for extra flavor and crunch.

Using a scraper, scrape the leavened dough back into the center of the bowl, gently emptying it as you go. Process the dough with the scraper for about 20 seconds more; you will see it come together into a wobbly, semi-elastic mass that you can easily scrape over the edge of the pan in the prepared pan.

If desired, sprinkle your favorite seeds on top; I used sesame seeds here, but our Everything Bagel Topping is also a delicious choice.

Scrape the sticky dough into the prepared pan. Smooth to the top with wet fingers; it doesn’t have to be completely flat, but it shouldn’t have big mountains or deep valleys.

Tangzhong In Sourdough Bread

Cover the pan with plastic and let the dough rise until it is about 1” below the rim, which will take 3 to 4 hours (depending on room temperature). If it hasn’t risen enough after 4 hours, try moving it to a warmer location. Or just wait; coming there!

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