Freezing Ripe Bananas For Banana Bread

Freezing Ripe Bananas For Banana Bread – Bananas may not be expensive, but it’s a shame to let them go to waste when they’re easy to freeze. Here’s how to freeze them so you can enjoy them later in bread, smoothies or other recipes.

Bananas are best frozen when they are ripe, and the skin starts to get brown spots. That’s when bananas are at their sweetest. If you plan to use your bananas in smoothies or bread, freezing them whole is a good way to go.

Freezing Ripe Bananas For Banana Bread

Freezing Ripe Bananas For Banana Bread

You can freeze bananas in their skins, but you’ll save time and frustration if you remove the skins before freezing your bananas.

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As it freezes, the banana skin darkens and softens. While bananas are still safe to eat raw, it makes the skin very difficult to remove.

Leaving the skin on will also reduce the quality of your banana. They won’t be ‘fresh’ if they are skinless, and some people say it takes a month from storage time.

If you’re not sure how you’ll use your bananas, consider slicing them before freezing them. It will make it easier to measure by the cup (or whatever quantity your recipe calls for).

If you just throw unfrozen banana slices into the freezer and put them in the refrigerator, they will freeze together in one big group, which will be difficult to separate later. Flash freezing avoids this problem because it allows the bananas to freeze as individual pieces. So, when you need bananas for a recipe, you can just reach into the bag and pull out as many as you need—no chopping required.

How To Store Your Overripe Bananas

Look for cheap bananas at the grocery store, especially if you make a lot of smoothies. As easy as it is to freeze, it’s wise to save when you find a good deal.

Bananas will keep in the refrigerator forever but are best used within six to eight months. After a while, they will get cold.

For a special sweet treat, insert a popsicle stick into the end of a whole (or half), sliced ​​banana. Then, dip them in melted chocolate (roll them in whatever toppings you like—nuts, sprinkles, kosher salt, etc.—and freeze them on a baking sheet. Once completely frozen, enjoy them like any other popsicle. These are a great alternative to store-bought popsicles. reasons they’re made with real fruit and are a good source of potassium. Does banana bread taste so good? A touch of vanilla? A hint of cinnamon? Just the right balance of salty and sweet?

Freezing Ripe Bananas For Banana Bread

All of the above. But the most important flavor in banana bread, which will make or break your bread, is (unsurprisingly) – banana. So, if you want to make banana bread out of this world, it’s important to use the “right” banana.

How To Store And Freeze Banana Bread

You are standing in the produce section of your grocery store, looking at bananas. Some are big and some are small. Organic bananas, and nice little bunches of tiny bananas.

Look behind the “perfect” bananas, and see if you can find a cart of cheap produce: crushed apples, soft lemons, wilted lettuce – and “ripe” bananas. Bananas that are soft and smooth on your grain are perfect for banana bread: the darker the banana, the sweeter and stronger the flavor.

If you can’t find ripe bananas, you need to make your own. Buy bananas – the ones in most supermarkets are green, or greenish yellow at the end of the stem.

These bananas may be a little overripe for your cereal, but they’re just starting to come into their own for banana bread.

Best Banana Bread

Let the bananas ripen (and overripe) at room temperature. Depending on the weather, this can take a few days, or up to a week.

The best bananas for banana bread are not yellow; they are black. Or at least they have black/brown stripes, with a hint of green on the stem. And again, dark is better: no ripe bananas when you make banana bread.

Obviously, this is a pain if you don’t tend to plan your baking projects properly, and you want to make banana bread right away. If you’re a baker on the fly, it’s a good idea to always keep ripe bananas on hand – in your refrigerator.

Freezing Ripe Bananas For Banana Bread

How does it work? Okay! Whenever you see a banana in the fruit bowl sliding between right and Fruit Fly Central, put it in the fridge. I have a permanent zip-top plastic bag in my fridge for this purpose.

The Best Way To Freeze Bananas

Frozen bananas turn dark brown or black; that’s perfectly fine. When ready to bake, remove the bananas you need and let them thaw at room temperature. Or melt in the microwave (skin and all); My microwave took about 3 minutes to thaw four medium bananas.

Thawed bananas are very soft and juicy; again, don’t worry. Simply peel the skin lengthwise and mash the soft black plantains into your bowl (if baking with weights) or measuring cup. They will be very soft and easy to beat. Add any liquid.

You can also cut off the end and squeeze the soft banana into your bowl or cup like you would squeeze a tube of toothpaste.

Caution: You’ve probably seen tips online for roasting unripe bananas in their skins for 30 minutes in a 350°F oven. This should focus on their taste and make them sweet. I tried; they are actually very black, but they taste like green bananas, just mushy. Don’t go there.

How To Freeze Bananas {and Avoid Discoloration}

Finally, what if you just need to make banana bread right now – your best friend is visiting and you promised her… but you don’t have any ripe bananas?

Use whatever bananas you can find. Add sugar to the recipe by about 15% (usually 2 to 3 tablespoons) to help with the missing sweetness; and add about 25% salt to help add flavor.

Now this does not apply to the very green bananas that you sometimes see in supermarkets. So if that’s all you can find, make some pumpkin pie and call it a day!

Freezing Ripe Bananas For Banana Bread

Have you made our Whole Banana Bread? This is our 2018 Recipe of the Year,  for many reasons – including the cinnamon sugar reduction on top. I think I must have made this bread 40 to 50 times in the last six months, and it’s a hit everywhere I share it. What are you waiting for? Go buy some bananas!

How To Ripen Bananas In The Oven

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How To Freeze Bananas!

Introducing our 2022 Recipe of the Year: The Best Sandwich Bagel The bagel we spent 12 months perfecting is here. How to freeze bananas in 3 different ways! Perfect for baking, smoothies, cold drinks and more! Includes a step-by-step video below on the recipe card.

I’m just going to come out and say it: I’m always surprised when people mention the bananas they let go to waste.

We’re always in the banana-save camp here, because it fuels our love for this Super Healthy Banana Bread (and its more naughty sibling, the Chocolate Banana Bread), and it’s essential in this Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

Freezing Ripe Bananas For Banana Bread

My love of baking bananas goes a long way, and I have the banana freezer to prove it.

How To Freeze Bananas For Smoothies + Anything!

The advantage of this method is that it takes me about 2.5 seconds to put them in the refrigerator, and once they are there, I don’t have to do anything with them until I want to bake them.

When I want to bake this Blueberry Banana Bread or these Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal Cups, I scoop out as many bananas as I need and let them thaw.

When I want to freeze bananas for a smoothie, I like them to be more accessible, since we won’t be thawing the bananas to make the smoothie (eww?).

I put a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet, take my spotted banana, cut it and cut it or cut it into pieces.

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Spread it out so that it’s in one layer as much as possible (although it’s okay if it touches a little).

This way, they won’t freeze together in clumps and you’ll be able to grab as many banana slices as you need from the fridge.

Enter them

Freezing Ripe Bananas For Banana Bread

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