Food Mods For Minecraft Pe

Food Mods For Minecraft Pe – More Food Mod 1.10.2, 1.7.10 adds more food, its French name is “Plus d’aliments”. Allows you to grow red peppers and vines. Along with decorative items, agricultural crops and a new randomly generated texture.

It is recommended that you install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipe included with this mod.

Food Mods For Minecraft Pe

Food Mods For Minecraft Pe

Pepper seeds allow you to grow the pepper that grows in the grass. It does not need any water to grow. When the peppers are ripe, break the crop and you will get 1 to 3 peppers. Then you will be able to make pepper seeds from the pepper.

Xlfoodmodpe (v2, 1.19 Support!)

Gives you back 1.5 points per meal and a 5 second random potion effect on: speed, haste, strength, jump boost, regeneration or night vision.

It can be useful to save the chocolate as you can reverse this craft (placing the block on the crafting grid will give you 3 chocolate bars). You can also make chocolate fences and stairs.

They can be useful for storing sugar because you can reverse the craft. You can also make sugar fences and ladders.

It gives you back half a point per meal, but it’s useful for preparing other meals. You can stack it with 16.

Lots More Stuff Update Minecraft Addon/mod, 1.15.0, 1.14.60

Caramel block slows down any creature that walks on it (like a sand soul) and is useful for crafting caramel ice creams or storing caramel because you can reverse this craft. You can also make caramel fences and stairs.

Tomato seeds can be found by breaking tall grass like wheat seeds (but 10 times rarer). They can be planted on agricultural land.

Maize is found in forests. It can be planted in grass, gives you back 1.5 food points and can be exchanged for wheat to make pasta and bread:

Food Mods For Minecraft Pe

They give you back 1 point per meal. To toast them, place them on a stick and swing them over the fire.

Yummy Food Addon: Lots More Stuff Update

It is found in oceans, lakes and rivers. You can grow it under water. Seaweed is not edible, but can be used to make food.

It gives you 2 food points, just like rotten meat, but you won’t get poisoned by eating it.

You get a bucket of cheese by boiling a bucket of milk. Then you can make cheese out of it and get the bucket back. A piece of cheese earns you 2 meal points.

You can sometimes get grapes by killing zombies (like carrots and potatoes). Grapes give you 2 food points. It is farm.

How To Eat In Minecraft Pe

Bananas fall from jungle leaves just as apples fall from oak leaves. They will give you back 2 points per meal.

Cherries fall from birch leaves, just as apples fall from oak leaves. They give you back 1 point per meal.

You can find coconuts on the beaches. Breaking a coconut block will drop a coconut item and sometimes a coconut tree (you can plant it in the sand). You can throw coconuts at mobs to hurt them. Upon impact, the coconuts split and split into 2 halves, which are edible and give you 1 food point each.

Food Mods For Minecraft Pe

Strawberry plants are found in regular forests as well as canopy forests. You can grow strawberries in the grass and they will give you back 1.5 food points.

Junk Food Mod!!!! So Much Food !!!

You can get vanilla by destroying vines in the jungle. Vanilla is not edible, but it is useful for preparing other foods.

Coffee trees are found in savannah biomes. Coffee beans will fall out of them, which you can replant in the grass.

They set you back 2.5 points per meal, except for cactus and tomato juice, which set you back 1.5 points per meal.

You get wine and cider from grape and apple juice, rum from sugar cane, and vodka from wheat and potatoes.

Minecraft / Apk + Mod (unlocked) Download

Alcohols give you back 2.5 points for food and health (3.5 points for vodka). In return, you get a 30 second confused effect (40 seconds for vodka).

This machine enables the automatic production of ice cream and drinks. Just put the ingredients in the left slots and choose what you want from the right slots. You can leave the ingredients in the machine, they will store and stay inside.

Hot drinks cannot be normalized, they are produced only in ice cream and drink machines. You can stack them up to 32. They are listed below:

Food Mods For Minecraft Pe

They are made like vanilla cookies, put them in one place and use left or right click to eat a piece. The cake has 7 slices.

Mod Maker Pro For Minecraft Pe Mod Apk V 2.3.9 (دفعت مجانا) لنظام Android

Killing a horse will give you 1 to 3 pieces of horse meat. You get 1.5 food points raw and 4 food points when cooked.

Killing an octopus will give you 1 or 2 pieces of octopus meat. You get 1 food point raw and 2 food points when cooked.

You can get these new fish by fishing: sea bass, hake, sole, trout and goldfish (very rare!).

Sea bass and hake return 2 food points when raw and 4 food points when cooked.

Download Better Foliage Mod For Minecraft Pe: Leaves Animation

You can use it to tame a wolf. If the wolf is tamed, the cookie restores all health.

This item allows you to carry food with your 9 inventories. Only food can be added to the basket!

Finally, the last mod item is a fancy hat to wear during your cooking experiments!

Food Mods For Minecraft Pe

These houses appear in the world once in a while. They are made of caramel, sugar and chocolate. You can find random foods in their chests. But be careful, these are the abodes of hostile witches. If you’re tired of the same food as usual, the More Food Addon (1.19, 1.18) is for you as it adds 87 new foods to our survival world. This add-on adds new pig loot that turns into bacon that we can cook.

Cute Aesthetic Mods For Mcpe 🌿

This Addon adds 87 new foods that you can get in your survival world, the foods how much they regenerate are as follows (food, nutrition):

To get all the new things added by the update, you can execute the following command: “/function cosas_nuevas”

To get corn, you have to break a block of corn randomly generated by the world, breaking it will give you 2-3 corn.

You can plant corn on a grass/dirt block, when you click on the grass, a corn block will automatically be generated, but one corn will be removed from your inventory.

Foodables Mod (1.18.1, 1.17.1)

To get strawberries, you need to break a strawberry bush formed by forest, jungle and plains biomes, each bush can give you 1-2 strawberries and 1-2 strawberry seeds, you can plant strawberry seeds yourself by right-clicking on the grass.

You can get bananas by destroying the bananas that are on the palms that spawn in the beach sand and desert biomes.

These trees will naturally create biomes: forest, plains and jungle, by cutting their leaves you can give oranges or shoots of the same tree.

Food Mods For Minecraft Pe

This type of tree can be found in the biomes: forest, savanna and birch forest, breaking its leaves will give you its sapling or kiwi.

Lar’s Sweet Package~ 1.15.2 Merry Christmas! (food Mod) Minecraft Mod

You can find mineral salt by mining, and in caves, when you destroy it, it will give you salt.

The egg and bacon can be placed on the hearth to cook, and also in the smoker.

Bacon is earned by killing pigs, and if you kill a pig by burning it, it will give you cooked bacon.

More Food Addon (1.19, 1.18) Download Links for MCPE 1.19, 1.18 Server 1 Download – Server 2 Download

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