Banana Bread Using 5 Bananas

Banana Bread Using 5 Bananas – Posted: April 21, 2020; Last Updated: July 17, 2022 Sour Cream Banana Bread CALL QE BP This easy banana bread recipe stays moist and delicious thanks to the sour cream in the recipe! Sour cream gives the banana bread a mild, spicy flavor and a soft and very fine crumb. Prep Time 10 Minutes Working Time 15 Minutes Bake Time 1 Hour Go To Recipe Blog Post Use the links below to go to different parts of the post!

A few years ago, when I was developing recipes for my Weekend Baking cookbook, I was determined to find the best banana bread recipe. I tried simple and popular recipes like banana bread from Joanne Chang’s Flour Bakery and more complex recipes like making banana bread syrup. I won’t lie – it’s a chore to compare them all (my friend Erika actually does the same thing on her blog). They were all beautiful in different ways! But I came to one conclusion: all my banana bread recipes used sour cream.

Banana Bread Using 5 Bananas

Banana Bread Using 5 Bananas

Finally, I decided to include this recipe for banana bread with sour cream in my cookbook. In my opinion, it holds its own against most banana bread recipes I’ve tried. Why? I made sure to use more bananas, brown sugar, and (my not-so-secret weapon) sour cream than in other banana bread recipes. The result is a very moist and delicious banana bread.

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Simply put, sour cream adds moisture and flavor to banana bread and gives banana bread a soft, fluffy crumb. Recipes for banana bread WITHOUT sour cream have a dry crust and go stale very quickly. But this banana bread recipe with lots of sour cream stays moist and fresh for almost a WEEK after baking.

In my banana bread recipe. Remember I said I use more bananas and brown sugar than other banana bread recipes? All that extra sugar needs to be balanced with something, otherwise we end up with overly sweet, one-note banana bread. And that there is sour cream!

. Some of the recipes I tried were incredibly complicated: some told you to brown butter, caramelize bananas with sugar, others told you to boil them into syrup. As delicious as they were, they weren’t actually MUCH tastier than this simple banana bread recipe.

This banana bread recipe is so easy it comes together in just 15 minutes. You don’t need to do anything special with the ingredients other than toss them into a mixing bowl. In fact, if you’re using super ripe bananas, you don’t even have to mash them—the blender will do the work for you!

Easy Homemade Banana Bread Recipe 香蕉面包食谱

My future mother-in-law recently sent me this article from The Kitchn explaining how many people were baking banana bread during these troubled times. The article speculated that people picked up bunches of bananas during their weekly or bi-weekly shopping spree, only to find that they had plenty of fruit left over and ripened.

It is known that the best banana breads are made from ripe bananas. You know, the kind that’s super sweet smelling and super speckled so it almost looks black? This banana bread recipe makes full use of those bananas.

There are a few ingredients in this recipe, like sour cream, that keep the banana bread moist and flavorful. Not only does this banana bread keep well in the pantry, but it keeps well in both the fridge and freezer. Be sure to check out the FAQ section below for more instructions on how to store banana bread longer!

Banana Bread Using 5 Bananas

Brown sugar is white sugar mixed with a hint of molasses to give it its characteristic color and flavor. I love pairing it with anything banana because it’s almost as delicious as caramelized bananas (except you have to make your own!). Amazing.

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Because brown sugar contains molasses, it adds more moisture to baked goods than regular sugar would otherwise. Brown sugar is one of the key ingredients to make this banana bread recipe super moist.

Brown sugar comes in two forms: light or dark. Dark brown sugar is my favorite; since it contains a lot of molasses, I find it very tasty. However, you can use either of them in this banana bread recipe without affecting the flavor too much.

Unfortunately, no. At least not if you want your banana bread to look and taste like mine. Why? The molasses in brown sugar makes brown sugar more acidic than white sugar. Because of this acidic nature, it reacts best with baking soda (alkaline in nature), the main leavening agent in this recipe.

Leavening agents are the ingredients in baking recipes that are responsible for the bread rising. They do this by reacting with the other ingredients to create bubbles in the dough and batter. The reaction is usually activated when an acidic component is mixed with an alkaline component and/or heat from the furnace.

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Because granulated sugar is not as acidic, it will not react with baking soda as effectively as brown sugar. What does this mean for your banana bread? If you use white sugar in this recipe, you will probably end up with a denser, flatter loaf than mine. It could be fun, but I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it.

Probably not. A few of you asked me on Instagram if you could use coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. I’ll admit that I don’t know much about coconut sugar. But what I found on Google didn’t look promising (see this Bon Appetit article and this blog post from a foodie blog). Coconut sugar appears to have the same neutral pH value as white granulated sugar. And if you read the answer to my question above, that’s the problem with this recipe. But let me know if you know the exact pH level of coconut sugar and I can update the post accordingly!

I’ve talked at length about why sour cream is important in this bread recipe. But what if you don’t have sour cream at home and you STILL want to make this recipe?

Banana Bread Using 5 Bananas

Crème Fraîche: Sour cream can be replaced with crème fraîche. However, remember that crème fraîche is LESS acidic than sour cream. This means your banana bread will be sour if you use sour cream.

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Yogurt: Sour cream can be replaced with plain, unsweetened full-fat OR Greek yogurt. AVOID USING flavored yogurts as they contain added sugar and artificial flavors that affect your banana bread. Finally, plain yogurt is MUCH more acidic than sour cream. By substituting sour cream for yogurt in this recipe, you get a spicier banana bread.

Other Creamy Dairy Products: Mascarpone, Neufchâtel, Quark, and more can also be substituted for sour cream, according to this New York Times article on recipe substitutions. However, I have never tried their recommendations myself – I can only vouch for the crème fraîche and yogurt.

This banana bread with sour cream uses 12 ounces of very ripe, peeled bananas to make the banana bread.

Black banana. How ripe should bananas be for banana bread? VERY RIPE. Like “leaving them on the counter for a day is a bad idea because it can attract too many flies” they are ripe.

The Best Bananas For Banana Bread

Technically yes you can. But I can assure you that the resulting banana bread will not be as moist as if you had used black speckled bananas. Why? As the banana naturally ripens, the fruit inside gets sweeter and sweeter. Yellow bananas still have good starch and are free of natural sugars and many flavors.

There are plenty of tips available on the internet to ripen bananas faster; below are the ones that work best for me:

Yes, yes, you can make banana bread with frozen bananas! In fact, I even encourage you to do so. I

Banana Bread Using 5 Bananas

Freezing ripe bananas for future baking projects. I put the banana, skin and all, in a gallon ziplock bag and froze it. In the fridge, the skin will completely blacken (don’t panic, this is normal!). He then adds oil to the fruit to make the banana more delicious.

Moist Banana Bread Recipe (video)

If I want to use frozen bananas in a recipe, I put them in a freezer bag and thaw them overnight. Alternatively, if it’s a hot day, I thaw them on the counter at room temperature for a few hours on a plate. The plate is important – as the banana melts, it will release a lot of liquid. Don’t throw it away! Simply discard the fruit and its liquid into a bowl. Mix them together according to the directions before using in the recipe. This banana juice is actually the secret to making the best and craziest moist banana bread.

Recipe Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions: What you need to make the recipe Can I make the recipe in an 8 x 4 inch tart pan instead of a 9 x 5 inch pan?

Yes, yes you can! Your bread will be much taller and more beautiful than mine. My only gripe is that

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